What Chiropractic Patients Need To Know About Low Back Pain

“lowAlthough chiropractic is dedicated to finding and correcting vertebral subluxations (also known as spinal misalignments), many patients seek chiropractic care to alleviate pain and other health-related symptoms. One condition that chiropractic patients seek relief from is consistent low back pain.
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Bulletproof Day 17

I have to admit, it’s been a perplexing 2 weeks. After the first two weeks I’d only lost about 3lbs but had lost inches , especially in my abdomen and trunk. I didn’t feel great the second week which was very frustrating. I’ve noticed I’m sensitive to grain fed beef. I sneeze after a few bites. But, I lost 4lbs in the last two days and have felt better. My workouts are much better too; I ran the fastest mile this past weekend than I had in years. The diet is all about “hacking” your body to find what works best for you. It is a journey and I’m enjoying only having the bulletproof coffee in the morning as opposed to solid food. I’ll update soon as I continue hacking my body chemistry.

Why all moms need chiropractic!

This picture of Laura and her two beautiful kids was taken yesterday while she was in for her adjustment. This is a common sight in my office. New moms carrying a 12 lb baby in an 8 lb car seat with a 10lb diaper bag/purse and the occasional older sibling on the other arm. That’s 50 extra pounds hanging off of her in various ways and none in an orthopedically correct way! Add the breastfeeding, and loading and unloading all of them into the car and you have a recipe for problems. Headaches, shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica and hip pain are the most common problems I see. We’re here to help you handle those stresses and still feel great. Find out if we can help you too!


How Chiropractors Help People Who Suffer From Headaches

reflexesIf you are among the 45 million Americans who suffer headaches regularly, you are undoubtedly familiar with the traditional methods that people use to treat them, including taking some type of over the counter medication that is supposed to eliminate the pain and reduce any associated swelling. There are many other types of treatment that you may have attempted as well, including taking pharmaceutical concoctions designed to treat pain. However, none of these solutions provide permanent relief that addresses the problem at the core.
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Bulletproof Diet day 6

Today is a “protein fast” day.  Very little protein so I ummmm protein loaded last night.  We ate at Rain Uptown with some family.  I had the ribeye with foi gras and broccolini.  Mandy had the lamb shanks.  We had a side of their squash and zucchini too.  Wow….it was great.  Best of all, completely stuffed without that bloated belly feeling.  Side note, the live music guitarist was incredible.  So I’ve worked out the last couple of days and am feeling great.  My joints are not aching and I’m working out pretty hard.  About an hour after the workouts I’m pretty dead since I’m carb depleted.  I’m also sleeping like a champ but having some really epic weird and vivid dreams.  Part of this diet is it provides the fats your brain needs.  So maybe my brain is getting some good stuff too.  One week weigh in tomorrow.

What Chiropractic Patients Should Know About Stretching

“reflexes”When you suffer from joint or muscle pain, it is important to work on maintaining as much flexibility as possible. The more flexible you are, the less likely you will be to further injure yourself. One of the best ways to improve your flexibility is by stretching before you are active.
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Bulletproof diet day 3

The guy was right when he said you wouldn’t be hungry. I do have to give props to my wife Mandy for her excellent cooking. She’s made great meals with enough for leftovers for lunch. Another thing that’s helped is this thermos that my mother in law gave me for Christmas. It’s called S’well and it’s incredible. I’ll fill it with bulletproof coffee at 7am and it’s still warm at 1pm when I eat lunch. It burns my tongue at 11am. Highly recommend it.


Bulletproof 2 Week Program

I’ve decided to try the Bulletproof system for the next 2 weeks. My wife read about the book and thought the authors issues sounded a lot like mine. It combines intermittent fasting, cutting out fake foods, and consuming bulletproof coffee. The coffee has real butter and coconut oil blended in. Lots of protein but grass fed not feedlot. Excited to see how it goes. I did a warm up last week by cutting out breads and gluten and felt better than I had in a while. Stay tuned for updates.


Your SmartPhone is Killing Your Neck!

I used to say that half of my practice was made up of people with neck pain.  Of those people, I’d say half were from accidents or injuries and half were from posture.  Well, posture is taking over.  Especially with smart phones and people texting, reading, tweeting, and browsing on their smart phone.  As that head moves forward, the pressure on your neck increases because your head is like a twelve pound bowling ball sitting on the end of a flexible stick.  Gravity pulls it down and the force is more the more it sits in front of your body.  Hold your head up….take a break from the phone.  Great link here

Five Exercise Tips For Chiropractic Patients To Speed Healing And Maintain Health

“reflexes”Chiropractic care is designed to alleviate pain and restore the body to its natural balance. For chiropractors, injury prevention is key for a healthy body. Good practices combined with solid exercises creates toned muscles that protect the body and spine from harm. While each patient receives exercise instructions for their specific condition, the following exercise tips for chiropractic patients apply to everyone.
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