How to Avoid Neck and Shoulder Pain While Using an iPad

“neckIt is estimated that up to 300 million tablet computers such as the iPad may be sold by 2015, which seems entirely possible, given their ubiquitous appearance on trains, in cafes, and even at the supermarket. It has already been shown that frequent texting on your mobile phone can cause problems with neck pain, but those who use their tablet for everything from surfing the internet to watching full-length movies may be in for even more pain. Commonly referred to as “iPad neck,” increasing numbers of people are showing up in their chiropractor’s office with neck pain and stiffness due to the use of this device.
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How Chiropractic Can Help Shoulder Instability Sufferers

“ShoulderShoulder instability occurs when the shoulder joint is too loose and the ‘ball’ of the humerus (upper arm) can move around too much in the ‘socket’ of the scapula. In a healthy shoulder joint, the four tendons that make up the rotator cuff hold the scapula and humerus in place, together with three sets of ligaments. These usually prevent too much movement at the shoulder; however, damage to these structures can lead to looseness and instability.
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How Low Back Pain Sufferers Benefit From Chiropractic

“lowEver since the beginning of time, the lower back has been an anatomical weak point in humans. Rather than body weight being evenly distributed between both arms and legs, the entire upper torso is supported by the lower back, which rests on the pelvic girdle.

Although the lower back muscles generally do a pretty good job, sudden twisting movements of the body can cause muscular strain and damage, leading to pain and incapacitation. Estimated to affect 4 in 5 people over the course of their life, lower back pain (or lumbago) is one of the leading reasons for time off work in the developed world.
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How Chiropractic Can Help Golfer’s Elbow

“Golfer'sIt’s difficult to enjoy your golf game when the pain in your elbow is a constant companion. Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) not only affects golfers, it can be a problem for anyone who uses their forearms for jobs or sports involving repetitive activity, such as hammering, gardening, shoveling, bowling and swimming. Overuse can strain the tendons that connect the inner elbow to the forearm, leading to pain, weakness and inflammation (tendonitis). Golfer’s elbow is different from tennis elbow, a condition in which the tendons on the outside of the elbow become inflamed.
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An Allergy Survival Guide for Chiropractic Patients

“allergyWhile many look forward to Spring and its abundance of flowers, for allergy sufferers it’s more likely to be a season of stuffy noses, sneezing and watery, itchy, irritated eyes.

For some, these symptoms may escalate to include sore throats and headaches. If you experience several of these symptoms and they persist for more than a couple of weeks, you may be suffering from seasonal allergies. If this is the case, fortunately there are things you can do about it.
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9 Warm-Up Tips for Runners Your Chiropractor Will Agree With

“runnersAlthough a thorough warm-up may add time to your workout, it is an important part of your routine and should not be skipped or skimped upon. Runners who do not adequately warm up prior to training are at greater risk of injury and poor performance.

Ann Alayanak, a coach from the University of Dayton who earned seventh place at the U. S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in 2008 says, “A proper warm-up increases heart rate, breathing rate, and blood flow to the muscles. It prepares the body for increasingly vigorous activity, allows it to work more efficiently and reduces injury risk by loosening you up.”

Following are nine recommendations from the American Running Association for the best warm-up exercises to prepare you for running, whether you are only a casual runner or are training for the Olympics:
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7 Conditions That Respond Well to Chiropractic Care

“ChiropracticChiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive form of healthcare that can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Most chiropractors not only perform adjustments to the spinal column, but treat the extremities as well, adjusting misaligned joints and vertebrae so as to reduce pain and speed healing.

Following are seven conditions that respond well to chiropractic care:
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How Chiropractic Can Help Chondromalacia Patella

“ChondromalaciaOne of the most frequent causes of pain in the knees is due to chondromalacia patella, a condition that involves the softening or degeneration of the articular cartilage located behind the kneecap. The pain and inflammation of this condition is usually due to incorrect tracking of the kneecap as it glides across the bottom of the thigh bone. There are a few possible causes for this abnormal tracking: if we examine those with the highest risk of chondromalacia patella, such as young people; women; the knock-kneed and flat-footed; dancers; runners; skiers; and soccer players, we can see why most cases are due to the influence of hormones, misalignment in the hip, knee or foot, congenital defects and excessive wear and tear.
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Why Whiplash Sufferers Should Choose Chiropractic First

“whiplash”Whiplash associated disorders (WAD) are common injuries of the neck caused by a rapid distortion of the cervical vertebrae. Such distortion occurs when the head undergoes a sudden stop while moving at speed, jarring the muscles and ligaments of the neck, which move forwards and backwards quickly. Whiplash is most typically associated with motor vehicle accidents but may also occur in sporting events (the often brutal stop tackles in football spring to mind) and falls from bicycles, chairs and horses.
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6 Lies Chiropractic Patients Need to Know About When Reading Nutrition Food Labels

“nutritionDo you ever find yourself in the supermarket, confused when trying to decide which are actually the healthy foods and which only claim to be? For example, being a fan of blueberries, the other day I found myself perusing a box of Blueberry Pancake Mix. On the cover was a photo of ripe, luscious blueberries, under which was the text, “Bursting with blueberry flavor.” Curious, I turned over the box and looked at the actual ingredients, to find a slightly different claim in tiny letters, “Artificially Flavored”, and an explanation that the “blueberries” in the mix were in fact dextrose, flour, cellulose gum and other chemicals injected with blue dye #1 and #2.
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