Chiropractic Stimulus Plan!

In honor of the various “Stimulus Plans” out there, we have our own Stimulus Plan that you can actually take advantage of. During the next 90 days, we are grouping 2 of our favorite therapies for 1 low price.

  • When you get an adjustment, you can get a 5 minute chair massage to loosen you up for the adjustment and a 10 minute Turbosonic Whole Body Vibration session for only $10. That’s a 33% savings of typical costs. Walk out of our office feeling re-invigorated and refreshed.
  • Also during this time, we’re doing wellness sessions of the Turbosonic for only $10.
  • Buy a package of 10 and get 10% off or buy a package of 20 and get 20% off. If you’ve never done this therapy before, you should definitely try it soon.

This is only for wellness and not as part of a treatment for a condition. This session is not covered by insurance. Please ask if there are further questions.

Grace Clinic Presentation

Today, the doctors of Helton Chiropractic held a lunch and presentation for the doctors of Grace Clinic. We provided information to them about what makes us different than most other chiropractic clinics in Lubbock. We appreciated the opportunity to do this and encourage the directors of any groups in Lubbock to consider us for speaking needs. We’ve done presentations for civic organizations, schools, patient groups, and professional groups.