Massage Therapy now at Helton Chiropractic

Helton Chiropractic is proud to announce the arrival of massage therapy to our clinic. Patients have asked about it for quite some time and now it’s finally here. Our new massage therapist is Tasha Jordan, LMT. Tasha has been practicing massage for 6 years and is experienced in several different techniques. Along with the doctors, Tasha hopes to add another dimension to your health and give yet another option in pain relief and wellness. As an introductory offer to my patients, Tasha will do a 5 minute prep massage or post adjustment massage for only $5. The patients we treated with it today were impressed with her touch. Massage specials are running for the remainder of this month so schedule your appointment with Tasha soon. For patients of Helton Chiropractic, we will bill your insurance for massage if it’s covered. It’s a win-win situation to get a massage and an adjustment on the same day.

Acupuncture training for Dr. Helton

I am proud to announce the beginning of my acupuncture training through the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. I am seeking to attain Fellowship status with the IAMA and, ultimately, my Diplomate in acupuncture. This is a multi year 300+ post doctoral training program designed to give doctors the skills necessary to implement acupuncture in their practices. I’m hoping to broaden my scope of practice and gain new tools specifically in acute and chronic pain care, allergy/sinus treatment, digestive disorders, and overall wellness enhancement. Patients have asked me for years about referrals to acupuncturists but I’ve not known who to send them to. During my Kennedy Decompression Technique Certification, I had the pleasure to meet and learn from Dr. Bill Davis of Ennis, TX. Dr. Davis incorporates acupuncture side by side in his practice along with decompression, laser therapy, active therapeutic motion rehab, and Turbosonic whole body vibration. I’m excited to begin my training and hope to be able to begin implementing certain treatments by summer 2009.