Video from "The Doctors" TV show on Scoliosis
The above is a link to the Doctors TV show showing chiropractic treatment for scoliosis.  At Helton Chiropractic, we have treated children and adults for years with scoliosis.  Patients usually suffer from pain due to the curvatures.  We can not only help them with pain but also sometimes reduce the curvature or slow down the progression.  Dr. Helton has used the ATM2 Pro to exercise the spine and reduce and stabilize the curves.  It’s also very effective for unlevel hips and shoulders. 

AMC Training for the Entire Staff!

We returned from Dallas this weekend after taking the entire staff of both offices for training at the AMC seminar.  I was very proud of the girls for all of their awards they won and for the professionalism they demonstrated.  I’ll have pictures up soon of all the awards won.  I receive compliments almost daily on how friendly and happy my staff is.  We’re very happy to have such a great staff in our office.  A big thank you goes out to Allison at the front desk for getting everyone scheduled properly and Jennifer in therapy making sure everyone is getting the care they need and Lindsey running such a tight ship as office manager making sure it all gets done properly.